Garage door opener—non MyQ Genie model for $99

Just a heads up for everyone.
Since Chamberlain/Liftmaster has been actively hostile to all of us with blocking the MyQ API, Home Depot has Genie 3/4 HP smart opener for $99 (Black Friday special, in store only). They are from all accounts much friendlier to the home automation community but alas, do not offer local control.

Lack of local control might be friendlier than Chamberlain, but not privacy friendly.

I have not followed close enough to know if any are local control friendly. But, really, all of these can be controlled locally even if they don’t like it :slight_smile: Just depends on how you want to do it.

Hah, true that.

I’d do the Meross HomeKit setup or the Ratgo [Rage Against The Garage Opener] but at this point my wife is fed up about “the button on her phone” not working… :joy:

The simplest solution is to use a relay directly on the door motor and use 2 door sensors, one for fully open one for fully closed sides.