Garage opening when not commanded…how to troubleshoot

Occasionally, one of my Z-Wave enabled garage doors will open with no apparent cause (manual via authorized user or automation). I know the trigger is via Z-Wave (not RF) because of the beeps unique to the Z-Wave controller. How can I determine the source of the trigger (e.g. service, user, etc.) when this is the only information that’s apparently available via the logbook?

Try main logbook under hamburger menu

main Logbook shows user


What version HA?
Ios or android app?
Same in Web?

In my IOS HA app i see detail of service and user issuing command.

Previous screenshots were iOS app, but here is a web screenshot:

Is any type of xwave switch directly associated with garage opener? You mentioned that source is on zwzve network… If not and it comes via zwave controller, means there was some command send to open the garage. What are possible sources? I guess any automation that receives triiger to open the door and then sends proper command to garage controller. Have you checked states of all possible triggers? In the past I was troubleshooting similar issue with harmony hiub and it turned out that one of the sensors that could trigger the harmony activity was unstable, sometimes going to and from unavailable state. Return to unavailable to off state was the trigger causing the issue. In my automation I was only expecting it to change the state from on to off and vice versa. So slight modification of automation to add proper from and to conditions solved the problem.

Right, I’m trying to track down the source of the errant triggers, but having a hard time due to limited information in the logbook.

It’s difficult to pinpoint the problem with the log information not showing what is triggering the opening of the door. I had a similar problem but the log showed more information.

Here are some things I could think of for troubleshooting:

Check all the automations that includes that device and see if it matches the time the Double device was opened.

Does your Zwave network reaches with good signal to the garage area? I would guess so as I don’t see an unavailable state on your device but it’s good to check it. I had a Tuya garage door opener (linked using LocalTuya) that randomly opened the door sometimes. And I figure it out that when there was a brief power surge, the sensor would go from Unavailable to On and triggered the door. Checking the automations helped me fix the problem.

Is there any other third party app that can control the ZWave garage opener (outside of HA) that could be triggering the device?

Any smart speakers that did it by mistake? Like trying to turn on the garage lights but instead opened the garage door? Seeing as the sensor is called double that could also create confusion for the speakers in this type of scenario.

If you were to trigger via automation do you see some difference in logbook info?

I’m still struggling a bit from time to time with my garage door automations. I have it configured to open when a phone crosses from away to home.

Thing is… If that event takes place while the phone is off (say, because of a dead battery), then I have to manually open the door. Not a big deal. But - when I put the phone on a charger, and turn it on - it then updates it’s location as home, which causes ha to see it going from away (last known location) to home (because I am), and it triggers the garage door routine.

Perhaps you have something similar going on?

Another quick thought for t-shooting: you could add a notification to each automation that controls the garage door to say “garage door opened by automation x”. Then, if it’s being caused by an automation, you’ll know which one.

If it does not show trigger in HA log, I would say it was triggered outside of HA. HA would not know whether user pressed physical button or any other device directly associated with garage gate relay triggered it.
I would suggest doing factory reset on that device and include it again. Possibly checking associations for device and also examining zwave log (not ha log). Secondly, if you have physical switch connected to relay, i would disconnect it to rule out any undesired triggers coming from it.

Yeah, except I just commanded it opened then closed the door via HA and then checked the logs. No trigger (I would expect something like “Triggered by User via ZWaveJS”) was listed.

I would think HA would definitely know all commands that came through the Z-Wave integration, but definitely not via a physical button press or RF. I’m certain it was via Z-Wave since the controller beeped when it happened the other day (original post).

Ooh, I like your last suggestion. I’ll add that…thanks!

I’m still curious why my Logbook lacks this basic trigger information. Is there some level of verbose logging I need to enable?

No, I do not.

No third party app. I did check the Alexa voice history when it first happened (had the same thought), but nothing to note there either.

Is this problem still happening? When was the last time? If there’s no third party app and it’s not the physical button then it’s coming from HA. If the automation notification that includes the detail of which automation triggered it doesn’t give you an answer you could try to re-pair your device as suggested and see if that fixes it

I am operating my gate via 2 ways - relay (connected to physical switch) and module talking to gate directly, operating it as cover. In both cases, if I operate it from HA, logbook for that particular entity shows what triggered it. As long as you are looking at correct entity, it should be there.