Gardena Bluetooth and proxy

Does the new Gardena Bluetooth integration support Bluetooth Proxy?

If the device is supported by home assistant, it doesn’t matter if you have Bluetooth in your server or you have Bluetooth proxy. They will be treated same

Just from the 2023.8 beta release notes:

Can I now integrate the Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor into my Home Assistant without a Gardena Gateway?


From the documentation:

The integration supports the Water Control devices within Home Assistant:

Hi, i’m excited to see that new integration.

Does it also support the 9v control unit
Gardena control unit 9v bluetooth

Or is it currently limited to the specific water control device?

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Yes, it does support the 9v valve. I recently connected my 9v Gardena Bluetooth valve with Home Assistant using the new Integration.

Thanks for the feedback.
In that case I’ll add bluetooth to my hass setup to get this running :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,
Today I did exactly, as discussed earlier:
I’ve installed a esp32 as a Bluetooth-Proxy in my garden, and the Gardena Bluetooth Irrigation connected very fast and easy. You can switch the valve, set a timer, set a irrigation pause, check the battery, …

Everything works absolutely perfect, UNTIL you wait some minutes:

Unfortunately it seems like the Gardena Bluetooth controller activates some kind of standby-mode. Then, the device disconnects and is not available in HA any more. The only way to wake it up again seems to be by pressing the button. This makes everything pretty much useless in my case: it means, you always have to activate it manually, and you could only switch the valve off by HA-Automations…

Any ideas, suggestions?

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After some updates, think it was 2023.9.2 it seems to work now. Please give it a try!


Sorry for digging the post up. I just got the 9v valve, connected very fast to HA, but i can’t seems to get it working using a shelly plus PM as bluetooth proxy.

Does anyway h1ve insight or ideas ?


Solved it,
The shelly BLE proxy can’t work in this situation, as they don’t proxy actual Bluetooth connections, they only support advertisements.

see Gardena Bluetooth Irrigation Bluetooth connection is unreliable · Issue #103117 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I used an Atom Lite M5 to act as proxy

I have a Gardena bluetooth water control, controlled by the Garden app on an iphone.

I have HA and now added 3 esp32’s running BT-Proxy - they all appear to be working but there doesn’t appear to be any bluetooth traffic logged.

Uptstairs I run the HA server and when I attempt to connect to the Gardena controller outside, the integration on HA errors with Failed setup will retry.

Ive three BT proxy running in from the server to the wall by which the outside controller is attached, but there is no cross house communication.

Do I need to completely remove the phone app and try pairing and controlling solely from the HA, or can both phone and HA poll the water controller device?


How do I get my BT proxy (repeaters) to actually make contact with the controller?


Does the iPhone control app work without the Gardena gateway?
(Saw the question above, but I did not see the answer.)
When connecting to HA, does this go without the Gardena gateway?

The Gardena Bluetooth water control doesn’t require the Gardena gateway to operate with the iPhone.

If I bring the half of the controller which contains the electronics to my room upstairs it does connect and can be controlled, but on returning it to the garden it looses its bluetooth signal despite the presence of the BT-proxy esp32.

Since my last post I powered down HA and all esp32’s and the gardena water controller

R~epowered adding gardena last and HA and iPhone app can talk to the gardena, although the HA integration seems to have a less comprehensive set of controls.