GE/Jasco 14294 Not Dimming

There are a plethora of posts about the Jasco GE dimmer module not working, but none of them really fall into my situation of “not working”.

It’s worth noting that for the below, I’m using the zwave integration that’s listed as “deprecated”.

The issue is that the dimmer is not actually dimming. I can see the node get added to my zwave configuration and I can see commands being sent to the device when I attempt to send it dimming commands, yet it just stays at the level it was at when it turned on. I even see confirmations being requested from the HA core and it’s confirming at the updated dimmed value, yet the light remains the same.


  • I turn on the dimmer and it’s set to 99. Confirms at 99.
  • I dim the dimmer with HA to 72. the dimmer confirms 72, yet the actual light stays at 99.
  • I turn the dimmer off with the switch and it fades to 0. Confirms 0.
  • I turn the device back on with the switch, it fades into 72. Confirms 72.
  • I brighten the device to 99, brightens to 99 and then confirms 99 (this is the only time it responds to a dim/brighten command)
  • I dim the dimmer via zwave to 19. the dimmer confirms 19, yet the actual light stays at 99.
  • I brighten the dimmer via zwave to 82. the dimmer confirms 82, yet the actual light stays at 99.

Here’s the strange thing. I am in the process of migrating away from SmartThings into HA entirely (yay). When I exclude the dimmer from my HA setup, and include the dimmer into SmartThings, it dims and responds just fine.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? I am desperate for some help with this.