General Ha Modbus question

Really quick question I hope. I have set up using a WaveShare modbus to Ethernet module. I’ve put a yaml containing al the necessary connection details etc in the configurations folder and put an include line in the configurations.yaml. I think it is all connected ok and the light on the WaveShare shows data is being got. I can see my entities in the entity list on HA. my question is this. What would I see as data if the WaveShare become disconnected ? would it be nulls or zero s? similarly if I’ve used the wrong address on the ModBus side would the entity have a zero in Ha or an error code. I’m not seeing any live data so trying to figure out is it on the WaveShare to HA side or WaveShare to ModBus device side. Thanks

You got an error. Connection timeout

Error in the HA yaml or in the Modbus converter?

Error in HA logs.

You may need to enable debug for pymodbus

Ok… I’ll go and search how to do that …thanks…