Generating system_log_event from INFO messages?

Hi there! I’m trying to generate a notification when my integration logs into the web app. I get a notification from the alarm app itself and just want to be sure it’s the HA integration doing it each time.

I see a clear INFO message in the homeassistant log file when this happens, but the events generated by system_log only apply to ERROR or WARNING (as described here)

I’ve tested logging the same text using system log service write with both ERROR and INFO levels. The ERROR level triggers the notification, but the INFO does not (and thus the actual message from the integration does not either).

Does anyone know how to modify this? And/or some other way to parse this? It seems the integration doesn’t expose an event when it logs in.


I’m trying to do the same thing. Did you ever find a solution?

No, it’s not set up for that, the log level is hard coded. I have a hacky modification tested and ready, but trying to figure out how to submit it properly.