Generic IP camera and preload_stream flag

Hi all

Is there a way to set the preload_stream flag for individual cameras using the generic IP camera platform ? I have several HikVisions using the generic platform with the stream component. That works fine. But it takes a few seconds to start a stream and I’d like to use lookback. So I’d like to start the streams for certain high priority cams on startup and keep them running. I know there’s a checkbox for that on the live stream Lovelace card, but I’m not using Lovelace. I access HA exclusively over an external system using the WebSocket API. So how do you enable stream preloading through YAML ?

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Bringing back this dead topic. How do you preload a stream?

In .storage/camera

I ended up not using it. The stream component was giving me so many problems, things would break constantly and generally be very unreliable. I bought an external hardware NVR and things have been running smoothly since.