Generic Thermostat - Away Mode Temp Reset on HA Restart

Has anyone else experienced this? I have a generic thermostat that when to Away preset mode it doesn’t reflect that in the dev states tool, but it does in the front end and the template tool.

The climate entity functions normally until HA is restarted then the temperature resets to the normal target temperature after a restart, but the preset mode stays in Away (front end/dev tool).

Setting the preset mode back to None and the back to Away resets the target back to the away temperature (in template tool but not the states tool).

Just want to make sure it’s an actual bug before I report.

This is my config.

  - platform: generic_thermostat
    unique_id: garage_thermostat
    name: 'Garage Thermostat'
    heater: switch.garage_furnace
    target_sensor: sensor.garage_sensor_air_temperature
    min_temp: 0
    max_temp: 21
    ac_mode: false
    target_temp: 15
    cold_tolerance: 0.5
    hot_tolerance: 0.5
      minutes: 5
    keep_alive: 300
    away_temp: 1.0 # freeze protection mode
    precision: 0.1


After restart.

Yep. Every damn time. Have always assumed it was a bug because it has happened as long as I’ve used HA with generic thermostats.

Thanks for confirming! I found an issue someone opened last year but it’s been locked. I’ll open a new one tonight when I get a chance to run some debug logs.

This seems like it could be a significant safety issue depending on what the thermostat is controlling. In my case it was only kicking my garage furnace on when I wasn’t expecting it - but that costs money!

Once I figure out what was going on I was able to implement a bug fix in my case by automatically toggling my furnace switch on a restart which resets the thermostat to the proper values, but it would be nice to get the bug actually fixed.

So much so that I have an automation which fires on HA restart that notifies me to check all generic thermostats. I use several generic thermostats to control various items including, as you, my shop heater.

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