Generic thermostat: please add periodic checks

The generic thermostat now only triggers the connected switch on thresholds. I have a problem with my network, where the switch does not always respond to commands, leading to either massively overheated room or very cold room. I have one room where I have created a push event when the actual temp is more than x higher than the setpoint. In normal control systems it is normal to have a constant check between setpoint and actual state of an actuator for fault detection.

Proposed solution is to check for state of switch at temerature switch so if temperature is above setpoint, a heating element will receice a switch.turn_off signal or vice versa. A config variable could be introduced to force switch check, so that the “force_check” or whatever is false as default with optional configuration. This will allow current users to keep on going about their business, and will be helpful for users with extra requirements.

I had the same issue and also missed this functionality. I was thinking to write an automation that would check periodically, but issue was resolved by specifying a ‘keep_alive’ interval of three minutes in the climate generic_thermostat yaml, which sends the switch state at the specified interval.