(German) character encoding with emulated_hue / Alexa


my config files are using UTF8 character encoding by default.
I have set up a few switches that I want to have accessible via emulated_hue, so they can be controlled with an Alexa device, eg:

      name: Kopfhörer
      hidden: false

Unfortunately, the encoding seems to change somewhere along the way and the Umlaut character (“ö”) becomes garbled so the entity is not usable in a voice command:

Is there a way to fix this properly?


Quick update:
I checked what emulated_hue sends via curl -i http://<HA IP Address>:80/api/pi/lights and it seems to be UTF-8 encoding as well.
Tha “ö” from the example above appears as “\00f6”, which looks correct to me.

So it seems like Alexa is not interpreting the encoding correctly - on the other hand, I didn’t see a Content-Encoding header in the response either…

As a workaround, I just did rename the affected entities in the Alexa app and replaced the garbled characters with their correct counterparts - after that, voice commands turning them on or off started working.


Same issue here.
Greetings from Austria.
Thanks for the Workaround.