Get a full backup from vm

hi, gays I’m from Iran i because my county limited access internet can’t connect to the home assistant server for downloading or updating my home assistant server.
i have a fresh install on my workplace server can i backup it and install it on my home proxmox server without connecting to the internet
plz some one help

At your workplace download HA from the following location:
Releases · home-assistant/operating-system · GitHub - look for a file with qcow2 extension and your system architecture amd/arm.

Then consult my guide how to install HA in Proxmox. At the point where the command wget is to be used you just need to copy the downloaded qcow2 file to the VM and follow the rest of the guide. Hope it helps.

I have a up and running home assistant in my work place I want to clone it and inestall it on my home server
Because now I can’t inestall add on from my country Internet connection
I just need 5 add on

If the machines between ur work and home are identical or very similar u can clone the entire HDD/SSD at work and restore it on your home system.

If Proxmox is running on both systems (at work & home) you can backup the HAOS VM and restore at home.

  • Backup the VM at work
  • Use scp command to transfer the backup to an external drive
  • At home restore the VM from the external drive
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Hi I want update my home assistant but I can’t a have some way to access free Internet but its on my phone or pc .
Any one know a way I share my phone vpn to home assistant I use napsternetv and a config to access free internet