Get blood sugar results into HA - android?

As a result of a blood test, I need to monitor my blood sugar levels. As I am not actually diabetic, I have purchased a cheap glucose monitor that does not have an app. So I will need to manually enter readings.

I would like these in HA but have not seen any manual readings integrations in forums. All discussions appear to be about integrating real time glucose level app results.

I have an android phone so it would be good to enter results via an app and these be picked up by HA.

Any ideas?

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This is VERY basic but I have not found an alternative … it works for me
I have a few of those ‘things’ that only have manual readings and I use multiple input_number helperd for that. Made a dashboard tab for ‘manual readings’ which I can then use either by web or HA mobile app.
To not loose track over a longer period, you would have to make sure these are also treated as ‘statistics’, else you will loose the data with the history retention of the recorder.
Note: I know of HA tweaks that track med usage…may also be something to look at