Get Gas consumption as separate sensor

I have the HA Energy Dashboard running which measures my gas consumption. It gets this from my total gas consumption incrementing over time.

I want to manually extract this data, but those measurements are not available out of the energy dashboard. What I want is an hourly measurement in a sensor stating gas used in that hour, basically the calculation that the dashboard does but in a sensor. Does anyone have a template that I can use for this? I’m at a bit of a loss.

Feed your total gas consumption sensor to a Utility Meter helper with an hourly cycle.

Perfect! Thanks!

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As Tom has noted, above, by using various Meter Helpers I set up a custom “at a glance” dashboard to report back all sorts of stuff for my gas consumption… I find it better than the regular Energy Dashboard for a quick summary of where I am with my household gas consumption.

I hope that helps,