Get message from a telegram bot

Hi everyone,

im very new to home assistant, so i hope the topic is on right section.
I read a few guides, but not really understand how the telegram integration is working.

I have an existing telegram bot, which is sending “alarms”(text message) to myself. Now i want to trigger events in my smart home, when a “alarm” is generated from the bot.

I understand, that the “polling” is the easiest way to simple get messages, so i configured this to my configuration.yaml:


  • platform: polling
    api_key: “API_KEY”
    • 1XXXX

There is no “Group_ID” in my conversation with the Bot, so i dont really understand, why this is needed?

Does it work this way or am i completly wrong?

Thank you!

This is my Telegram config. No group ID involved in the definition of that bot, because I don’t use a group chat with it.

I’m not sure where you seeing that a group ID is required.

There is no reference to “Group_ID” in the telegram bot polling documents, so not sure what you are referring to exactly?

Here is the docs:

For what it’s worth, telegram bot is much more easily and flexibly implemented using Node-Red, with better integration to HA.

I started off with HA’s native integrations, got frustrated at the lack of some message data, went to Node-Red and never turned back.