Get "Now playing" info from mp3 stream

Hello there! I listen to a radio stream ( on my pc through VLC, and VLC shows me what is “now playing” (artist + title). So somewhere in that stream is this information.
However, when I stream this same url to a Google speaker (Nest Hub), it does not show me this information (by default).

Is there a(n easy) way for me to extract this information from the stream and show it on my Nest Hub? I’ve found a lot of topics about scraping media info from other sources, which is cool, but illogical if the info is already in the stream itself, no?

Thanks for reading and any help you can offer :slight_smile:

For future reference, if anyone has the same ‘problem’: Bing Chat (so Chat-GPT with access to recent sources) actually helped me find this integration: GitHub - music-assistant/hass-music-assistant

This allows me to extract the wanted ID3 metadata with ease :slight_smile: