Get rid of some values using a power meter plug for my appliances

Hi all :wave:

I’m trying to make better automations for my appliances now that I’ve discovered the wonderful usage of plugs with power consumption monitoring!

A picture is better than a speach so here it is:

This is an usual program from my dishwasher and I’m going to try to predict the end of the program using the power consumption of the appliance.

My problem is simple, the plug, from time to time, record a zero W value for 5 seconds… Is there a possibility ot get rid of this particular value to be able to have a “cleaner” graph, and so make more precise automations?

I’ve being working on this for like 3 days, looking in statistics helpers, looking in blueprints, in the forum but I’m no developper and I’m struggling a bit TBH… :-/

If anybody have an idea, it will make my day :heart:

Just use a “for” time in your triggers.

  - platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: sensor.dishwasher_power
    below: 1
    for: 7 # seconds.

Alternatively you can create a template binary sensor with a delay_off time.

I have power based template sensors to show the states of my washing machine and dryer. I don’t have the problem you have, but if that was the case I probably would just change those sensors to be triggered based and use as a trigger the value being 0 for 10 secs and another trigger numeric based to above 0 for 10secs, in the same direction as suggested by @tom_l, but applying that directly to the template sensor.

Take a look on my settings:

Sorry guys, I think I haven’t been precise enough about my issue :laughing:

If you look at the graphs, my dishwasher between 8:56 and 9:08 is somewhere between 70 and 90W BUT there are 2 drops at zero W that prevent me from doing any automation based on this situation: “under 90 and above 70 for x minutes”. Same when the appliance is in full use at 1700/1900W, there are 0 Watts drops that make my scripting much more difficult.

I would like to REMOVE this (I think false) values from the graphs…

Thanks for the help ! :hugs:

Why you think those are false? They are probably correctly showing that your dishwasher stop consuming electricity for a moment and that should be a normal thing. No?

But even if those are incorrect measurements, what we both mentioned is that you can still detect the end of the cycle with those drops to 0 and have “precise automations”, by just ignoring any drop shorter than a few seconds.

I don’t have those “for” clauses on my template sensors, so I have some inconsistent statuses, but still you can work a bit on that and have quite clear graphs, not from the power, but from the status.

This is what I mean (without cleaning):

I’m already doing exactly what your saying, with my dishwasher, my dryer and my washing-machine :hugs:

I think I’m definitively not explaining myself correctly, English not being my main language doesn’t help :laughing:

I should have started with what I want first: I would like to have an estimated end of washing whatever cycle I’m running on my appliances (eco mode, normal mode or “really dirty” mode).

For example on my dishwasher the normal mode I’m using 70% of the time is 1H36, but sometimes I’m using the “heavy and fast” mode which is 54 minutes long.

They both have very distincts current patterns :
10minutes between 68 and 100W and after >1670W for 28 minutes for the normal mode but the “heavy” is 1 minute between 68 and 100W and 26 minutes at >1670W

Again, they have really distincts patterns that are always the same BUT the plugs register from time to time, randomly, zero W of current. And I’m searching a workaround to be able to automate this part :astonished: