Get the Xiaomi Home token

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I have some problems to get the Xiaomi token from the app.

I configured my Roborock S50 to the europe server with the latest MiHome app, but i couldnt read out the token with the MiToolKit 1.6

Then I read here:
That only way to read the token out, is the app version 5.0.0 beta, but this version does not support europe Xiaomi Servers.

So here are my questions:

Will it work if I configure the robot to an other server?
Which server do you guys recommend/are working for you?
After i read out the token can I upgrade MiHome to the latest PlayStore version?


You just need the token, the token does not change in between apps. Also did you try the miio command line tool? That one worked fine for me.

Ok seems like it needs linux. I will quickly setup up a VM and let you know if its works


Ok seems like EU Servers are not working. Will try to reconfigure to an other server tomorrow

do mainland china, thats what the app setup for the xiaomi gateway calls for…you can select the language as English :slight_smile:

Ok, now working for me.

Created a new account on China server, linked the S50, and used the 5.0.0 version of the app.
Then i got the key with the MiToolkit 1.6

Thanks for your help!

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There is also a modified version of the app by a Russian developer that let’s you read off the token directly from within the app.

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In case someone looking for it


have this app, not sure where to get the token from

I believe it is not the one you are looking for. The right one is here. Just scroll to MiHome screen shots and use the link right before the version number (currently 5.4.5). Screen shots shown are from earlier MiHome versions so do not pay much attention to them.

You will need to remove the official version and install this one. If after that you go to ‘General settings/Network info’ menu item for any device you will see the token there.

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@Sanke, can you help me understand how you got the token using a VM (I’m trying to do the same).

One thing that I’m confused about is how does v5.0.0 of the android app have any bearing on the output of the MiToolkit 1.6 in Linux???

I’m doing it and i’m getting ??? in the token field as well. My MiRobot is configured for mainland china.

If you want I will upload an app with which u can see the token in network settings… it’s a modified mihome app :slight_smile:

I didn’t succeed getting the miio tokens on Windows with the MiToolKit tool and the old Mi Home version on Android.

I end up using a modified Mi Home app that I guess it’s similar to the ones already discussed here, as it also shows the token on “Network Settings”.

After signing in into the app it also creates a “devices.ini” file on the phone, inside a folder called “plugin” at root level. The file includes a list of devices with their type, name, IP, MAC and token. In case any device doesn’t show up, maybe you will need to open the device on the Mi Home app first, it happened to me with the Xiaomi infrared device.

The app can be found here (the website is in Spanish).

The version I used is the last one available from their website, 5.4.29


In addition I would like to post this youtube video. It is in Spanish as well but even without knowing the language, someone can understand what to do. At least it worked for me… :wink:
token through mihome app


yeah can you…

Well, you can also just tap a few times on the Plug-in version (bottom screen when in ‘about’ in the MiHome app) to get to the “Wireless communication protocol” entry. There you can access the Password. Clicking on HUB info in the about screen should also give you more info regarding version etc

This worked! Had to set up my Xiaomi gear in the proper MiHome app on another phone, then sign in on the NPIRTUBE mod app. Found the token in the .ini file (after changing it to a .txt)

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Do not download from the russian site, it is full of trojan/malware and other crap

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this worked wonders for me to, thanks for the tip!

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I am saving this for posterity! I can’t remember how many different ways I tried (miio in Ubuntu, MiToolkit, few phones, few android versions, few computers; but it never worked) and this works right away.
I had to do a full reset of my network and my vacuum generated a new token, I was so frustrated that I had to get the token manually with mySql on a very very old phone then I ran into this! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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