Getting energy meter of a senor to influxdb to grafana

I am trying to get this sensors data into influxdb->Grafana ( sensor.porch_lights_energy_meter )

I have other sensors writing data to influxdb->Grafana with little configuration such as the Power Meter(sensor.porch_lights_power_meter):

Do I need to do anything special to see the energy meter sensor in Grafana?

I see the docs for influxdb about doing this:

  - platform: influxdb
      - name: mean value of foo
        where: '"name" = ''foo'''
        measurement: '"°C"'

but I did not have to do that for power and that shows up fine in Grafana.

Just add it to influxdb the same way you did for the working sensor.

This is to get data FROM influxdb into home assistant and not the other way around as you want it.

I didnt have to add it to influx, just added influxdb: to my conf and most sensors were available to pick in grafana but not my energy meter. Thanks for the info on influx sending to ha though.