Getting razberry to work on new home assistant


Recently bought a house with lots of z-wave solutions which the former owner had running with OpenHAB on a (I learned after some investigation) Raspberry pi 3b and a razberry Z-Wave Plus (5th gen chip, ZM5202). I have no experience with smart home network prior to this.

After some connection problems with the app one month after moving in which I was unable to easily fix I realized that I had to try to understand how all this worked. Long story short, after some research I thought I should opt for home assistant instead.

Bought a new better SD-card, and followed the steps in which worked fine. BUT I can´t get the damn Z-wave to work. Remember that I have no experience with raspberry pi, home assistant or programming in general.

After reading several tutorials and forum threads, trying to get Razberry to work by for example disconnecting bluetooth which apparently can interfere, I am out of ideas. Many tutorials have for example “sudo-commands” which I realized don´t work on Home Assistant OS, (former HASS.IO?).

Anyway, please help, what is the correct way to get razberry (or Z-wave in genereal) to work? Razberry is not being named in the hardware (supervisor-system-host-hardware).

Should I try over by formating my sd card, install the razberry software first, then home assistant?

Thanks in advance!!

There are reports of HASSOS 5.10 breaking something regarding Razberry. You can still run sudo commands and all when you SSH into the host system on port 22222 (you need to import a certificate for that) or using a keyboard and monitor on the Pi. The texts shown should direct you on the commands to use (I believe it’s something like “login” or “shell”, out of the top of my head)