Getting rid of unnecessary components in docker

When I restart my docker container HA loads a lot of components that I have no use for - how can I get rid of them so the restart doesn’t last unnecessarily long:

Long story short: You can’t.

The question comes up now and then the answer is usually “you can’t” or “try this” and it usually doesn’t work.

The “try this” part often revolves around the discovery component and how you can specify what it should ignore. I wanted it to ignore UPnP and, well, you can’t. I had the same experience with the ios component (many questions here about that one as well). I no longer wanted it looking for the battery level and power status of my wife’s iPhone. Nope. Had to hide the two sensors because nothing made them disappear permanently. Apparently that phone-seeking behavior is not simply tied to ios but to discovery as well.

If you do find a way, let us know! I’m of the same opinion that if I know I don’t have certain devices then I don’t want Home Assistant to load, or “pre-load”, any support for them.

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