Getting Terrible Battery Life on Zwave JS + Yale Door Lock

I’m not sure if the polling changed in ZWJS or not, but I’ve noticed that after several years of my door lock being able to survive on a set of batteries for six months or more that in the past few months I have to replace the batteries every couple of weeks. Even since switching to ZWJS it was fine until just recently. I’m wondering if the polling interval was changed.

How can I manually change the polling interval on the lock? Battery costs are skyrocketing!

Which yale lock are you using?

The YRD220

Z-Wave JS does not support polling. Polling must be implemented by the application, and HA does not do it either.

I would love to know what changed in the past few months that would have such a profound impact on the battery life. I replaced the batteries two days ago, down to 70% today.

When I have had z-wave battery life issues in the past it was down to poor signal strength. Anything change on your z-wave network? Have you run a repair recently?

I have just got the yale keyless connected lock and have tried to install it on HA using zwave js. The node is added however it takes a long time for the interview and also the lock or unlock function doesn’t work correctly.

My lock and my aeotec zwave+ stick are roughly 8 metres apart and at around 5m high.

Not sure if the distance is an issue or something else.

Distance is an issue when pairing, you need to be pretty close to your Z-stick. Once paired the distance is normal for Z-Wave. For me, if I have to re-pair a lock I take the lock off and put it right next to the Z-stick.

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