Ghost Entities After Removing Templates from YAML?

I have been playing around with template sensors to merge my presence for multiple people. I originally added a sensor via a template.yaml file called “someone_home”. … e.g. entity is sensor.someone_home. Eventually I realized that was silly and just made it a boolean. Now I have two sensors,… binary_sensor.someone_home and sensor.someone_home. Even though I removed all references to sensor.someone_home from the yaml files it won’t go away. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Did you restart after removing the yaml?

Multiple restarts, etc… they finally vanished. Really odd. They are gone now though.

Having the same issue. Deleted the entire file in my sensor directory and after a number of restarts and reloading through developer tools, the sensors are still there.

I too have had this. Had to remove them via the storage directory.

Did you set unique_id? When you set unique_id then they are added to the registry. Deleting the yaml doesn’t remove them then, they are still restored and have to be manually deleted using the more info popup in the UI.

That explains it. I didn’t have a unique_id, but I couldn’t delete them in the UI either; the delete button was disabled.