Gira Instabus EIB Integration Tipps?

Hey there

I’m new to this forum and actually not sure if I’m writing this post in the right part of it.

I’m not completely new to Home Assistant as I’ve used it to automate my whole flat (several integrations. E.g. yamaha, Philips hue, Neato, Homematic IP and others).

I’d like to find out whether there’s a way of integrating an existing GIRA instabus EIB (at my parents house installed in 2001) to home assistant. I’d assume there’s some kind of interface etc. that can be used to e.g. connect a RPi to GIRA. Does anyone here have any kind of experience with that and would have some information for me? I opened up the connection-box, but there’s no kind of interface I can see. I do remember some electrician connected a serial interface some 15 years ago.

My plan would be to connect the GIRA system to home assistant to make the lights and shades controllable via phone/alexa and especially also automations in Home assistant.

Any hint is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Kind regards from Germany