Git merge breaks custom mqtt component

Hi there, I’m brand new to most of this, so forgive what may be a repeat or dumb question.

I started working with HASS a few weeks ago. I started by forking 0.118.0.dev0 and have gotten that working locally with a venv and vscode. I created a few custom components that use mqtt that talk to some other apps I’ve built. Working great. Decide I want to merge recent upstream commits into my forked branch, so I git pull upstream/master which pulls in latest of everything and is nicely standing next to my custom components. Try running and of course, new dependencies fail, so I do a pip install . to update to latest dependencies. However, when it runs, a) when I try to go to “developer tools” or “HACs” pages I get an error and my custom components can’t talk to the mqtt integration. There must be some step I’m missing to get the new version reconfigured correctly with my setup? I reset git HEAD to my commit prior to the merge and redo pip install to downgrade packages and everything’s back to working. What am I missing?


I’ve tracked my problem down to a commit on Oct 26th related to the mqtt component. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong in my components in how I invoke it, such that the commit broke my components, but nothing obvious on first glance. Any advice?

Aaaand, I figured it out–simple/stupid. I was calling async_publish with None for payload, when I should have been calling with “”. The Oct 26 mqtt push caused calling with None as I had been to raise a type exception.