Git pull addon is a big fail


wrong git pull addon configuration wipes HA config folder clean!

That is really really disappointing!

I should abandon HassOS and switch to container. There is no benefit if no addon is working.

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Well you were warned:

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Yeah, I have backed everything up. Still, was very disappointing…

Addons are here to mike life easier, right?

Sure but they can’t change the way git pull works.

That is right.
However, it bothers me that for every addon I tried to use, I ended up using a native container on a different host, except SSH.
That was not to idea, when I chose to use HassOS.

If you don’t read and follow the instructions you’re going to have an issue no matter where they are.

Well, I read this. The configuration files have been in the repo.
However, SSH exited with “permission denied”. There is no mention, that a failed configuration attempt of the add on will lead to dataloss.
I had expected that it only overwrites the config files, if the configuration is valid.
Sorry, if this was a mislead expectation. Enforces the title of this post however and makes me doubt the usefulness of the add on rating.