Gledopto flashing when switching channel using Node red


I am trying to create my own LED staircase. And I thought using Gleopto RGB+CCT controllers would do the trick, programming each 1. channel LED strip to light when I want them too by switching between the color.
But I have two issues. One is that I can’t use both RGB and CCT simultaniously? Feature or am I doing it wrong? In the description it says 5 channels, but is it truly 3+2 channels not working at the same time?

Other issue I have, is that when start one controller with RED (rgb_color : [255,0,0]) then also BLUE flashes? Of course I want one channel to light up at the time… See image from my Node-Red. (I also did a video of how it responses:

Quite simple:

0. Turn it initially off
1. "Brightness": 255, "rgb_color":[255,0,0] (RED, ch1)
2. "Brightness": 255, "rgb_color":[0,255,0] (GREEN, ch2)
3. "Brightness": 255, "rgb_color":[0,0,255] (BLUE, ch3)
4. Turn it off

I have tried to turn off the LED between each delay, the same problem occurs.
Channel R and B lights upp simultaneously.
I also tried to disconnect the Blue channel, and just use Red and Green… but then those two channels light up simultaneously.