Glow configuration

I have issues with getting my energy dashboard to work. I only have grid power to monitor, there is no solar or batteries.
My meter does not allow me to monitor directly, it is an EM100.

I have built the Home Assistant Glow project. It works in ESP Home.
The LED on the EM1000 says 1 pulse = 1 Wh. The LED on the EM1000 stays on for about the time that is stays off for. So I am not sure that if it is 1Wh for each raising edge or for each raising AND falling edge.

I have the Light Detecting Diode stuck to the EM1000 with Kneed-it, so its definitely only getting light from the the LED. Theres no way for any other light to interfere.

The Green LED on the Diode board is turning on and off in time with the LED on the EM1000.

I know from my power bills that I am constantly using an average of 13KWh per day.
The readings from Glow are all over the place. Really small or ridiculously high. Like 15000KWh for a day or 0.02KWh for a day.

In troubleshooting, I have exposed the “Red LED”, which was set as “internal” to HA, so I can log the pulses that Glow detects, as the “Red LED” is meant to pulse when the pulse is detected (thats what I believe, could be wrong). It is not pulsing at the same rate. Its sporadic, some times its one every 5, then a couple together, then another 5 or so before it pulses again.

Also, the instantaneous “Power Consumption” reading is pretty much always Zero, it does spike to 5-20W every 5-10 minutes. This is obviously not right either.

I also don’t know for sure what entity I a meant to be using on the dashboard. “Total Energy” or “Daily Energy” are the two options it has from Glow?

Any help getting this working would be much appreciated!

I think you should have the Pulse Rate set at 1000 not 1

@Gr0p3r did you ever get this working. I am looking at doing the same on my EM1000E meter.