Good reliable temperature/humidity sensor

Hi all,

my first home assistant project is on a remote weekend house. It includes shelly smart plugs (which work amazingly good) to turn on electric panel heaters.

For the temperature and humidity I use multiple raspberryPis with DHT11 sensors connected to GPIO sending the data via MQTT.

Everything works, BUT the Pis with DHT11 are a bit choppy at times. Just now, a sensor failed, a few weeks ago after a power outage two raspberrys had their sd card corrupted, had to fsck them. Since the house is a two hour drive away I am looking for a more reliable option.

If anyone knows of a temperature/humidity sensor that has:

  • WiFi
  • NO CLOUD APP ONLY CRAP :slight_smile:
  • accessible on LAN through some open protocol to get the T/H data
  • ideally powered via USB or some other DC power supply (to avoid the battery scenario)
  • works also outside in the lower temperature ranges
  • price is not an issue, Im willing to pay more if it works

I know Shelly has a T/H sensor, but its a bit overkill with the display. Also its not rated for outside below 0 C.

It can also be a hub with RF sensors attached to it. Just that its an open system that allows communication on LAN. Since the internet also goes out sometimes, the cloud app options are not an option, the system has to work by itself on LAN.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very thankful!


While it sounds like you are willing it get mains power to your temperature sensors, I have tried a number of battery wifi sensors and found them not as functional as either bluetooth le or zigbee devices. The low battery needs, long battery life, robustness and low cost of either of these type devices give you so many more placement options.

Good hunting!

I am now looking at the SONOFF option with a USB Dongle and SONOFF ZigBee SNZB-02 sensors.

I searched everything, this was the best I could find. If anyone has any info on this please let me know.