Good sensor for frying pan?

I have rebuilt our Tefal Raclette, so it is now smart integrated via ESPHome, I did that last year.
Now I wondered if I could add a sensor for temperature measurement.
It gets very hot, it is a frying pan, and the metal bar that heats up the frying pan gets glowing red.
I would like to place the sensor so it measures the frying pan, but of course not the glowing metal bar that heats it.

What sensor can I use for that, that works with ESPHome?

Probably a thermocouple Temperature sensor for high temperatures

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Something like this?
And then the NTC interfafce, or ?? I have no idea what I’m doing here Nick :smiley:

Or a MAX6675 might be better?

And supported by esphome

Hi @nickrout
Ok, so the max6675 is now ordered, and I looked at my current code. I’m not sure I can make it work with the current setup.
I have very little space to work with in the device, so I’ve placed an esp01 chip in a dual relay board in it.
This uses 1 relay for the 5V led light in the button, and 1 relay for the 220v for the device itself.
The relays are handled by UART writes.
The esp01 doesn’t give me many pins to work with, and the max6675 uses spi which requires 3 pins +3,3v and gnd. The last two are available of course, but the uart uses the rx and tx pins:

  baud_rate: 115200 # speed to STC15L101EW
  tx_pin: GPIO1
  rx_pin: GPIO3

and looking at the esp01 I seem to have only two pins I can use:
So if I am to get this to work, I guess I need to wire in a d1mini instead of the esp01? and then I’m running out of space I think.
Hmmm, or maybe replace the entire relay board and esp01 with a simple twin relay board and a d1mini…, or can I remove the RX pin from the uart config, and repurpose that for spi? And then I need to handle using GPIO0 for output somehow (adding a 3K3 resistor to vcc to pull it high???) I have no idea if that is right.

Yeah that is over my pay grade. I guess you can try various combos, but beyond that I don’t know.


ESP-01 doesn’t break out SPI bus, so unless you want to solder directly to the ESP8266 chip, then yep, a D1 Mini is what you need. Not much bigger than the ESP-01, actually less tall, and has built in voltage regulation.

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