Google assistant "cover" exposed as switch on / off instead of open/close

below is my code, but my cover is exposed as a switch, so i need to say

cover 1 ON , instead of cover 1 OPEN

how can i expose the cover as a cover instead of a switch?



     - cover

      name: Screen eetkamer
        - Raam 1 
        - Screen 1

ow, and btw, i am using this cover component, i need to work with TCP commands to open/close my cover

There is currently no Smart Home Device Type “Cover” available in Google Assistant. As long as this isn’t added Home Assistant treats it as a light when it syncs your device with Google. On/Off/Brightness is currently the only way to go.

Ah , wasnt aware that Google needs to make it first :wink:
Ok, back to ifttt then for making custom commands :frowning:
Or do you know alternatives , since its also possible with routines maybe, but routines is only available in English language

Unfortunately I don’t know any good replacements for using routines if you want to avoid the On/Off/Brightness workaround.

ok np, thnx for feedback

Google assistant support for blinds was announced at Google I/O 2018 and can be seen on some images of the Google Home Hub.
Does anyone know where to check if actual support for the new device types is implemented?


do you have a link or screenshot ?

In this article there’s a photo of the announcement (header image, right underneath ‘2018’).
And here’s a photo featuring the Home Hub showing blinds (‘shades’ in the bottom right).

Are covers still not supported by Google Assistant?

I think google assistant actually recognizes the word open for turning things on and close for turning things off. I have heard people referring to opening lights. (May be a Canadian thing) I have tested it myself and it does work.

Well, for my most important switches that use up / down , I just created two switches…
And I called them :
Volume up
Volume down
Screen up
Screen down…

Eventually in Google assistant, you don’t need to say the words on / off , just the name is enough

Thanks for your answers. I understand google assistant recognizes my cover as a switch. And know I can control it this way. (or workarround)

My question was if google assistant supported the device type ‘cover’, but probably not yet.


It sounds like Google is rolling out support now, in time for IKEA’s new smart blinds.

Indeed, we need a developer… Also for vacuum zone control

Coming in 91.0