Google Assistant - integration loop without success


Another Google Assistant problem. I made fresh instalation Debian + OMV5 + HA in Docker. I’ve got public and static IP, so I don’t need to use duckdns. I tried everything to connect my HA with Google Assistant and it’s impossible.

  1. I can access my HA dashboard with external network using - no problems, everything works fine
  2. I can access with Android app HA - no problems either
  3. I can do Google Assistant integration with Nabu Casa - it works fine, but I realy would like to do it myself on my own domain I bought…
  4. I did everything step by step according to guide. Few times.

What’s the problem? If I try to add my [test] smarthaus into my Home app on android, I’ve got login screen from my server, I login (for sure with good name and password), and I go back to screen where I need to select integration… without success. It’s all the time unlinked. I have no more ideas what to do that’s why I decide to write that topic. Is there any common issue with that service or?

Please help :frowning: