Google Assistant only showing entities if expose_by_default is set to true

Trying to setup google assistant integration(self hosted… not nabu casa) and am running into an issue where entities don’t show up unless expose_by_default is set to true. This isn’t ideal since it imports a bunch of entities to google assistant that I don’t want there. My expectation with the following config is that it imports the specified light and fan, but it actually doesn’t do anything when expose_by_default is false. Any help is appreciated.

My config looks like:

  project_id: dvanderb-ha
  service_account: !include assistant_key.json
  report_state: true
  expose_by_default: false
    - fan
    - light
      name: Office Fan
      name: Office Light

Figured this out… adding the items to entity_config doesn’t automatically expose them… you also have to add expose: true to each item

Oh, please let me know how you managed to configure integration with google assistant?
I’m fighting with this for the second day in a row and i just stuck on the last step.
When i click “link”, google home says: “successfully linked”, but then i get redirected to the main screen, and get no selection of entities to map to the rooms. :frowning:

So here is what I learned about it. You’ll successfully link and do that if no entities get shared. In my case they weren’t getting shared because I had expose_by_default: false and needed to add expose: true for each entity in entity_config that I wanted google assistant to see.

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