Google Assistant "Power Controls is not Supported Yet" for LG TV but it sometimes works

On 2021.2.3, supervisor 2021.02.11.

I’ve had a LG TV integrated for about two years now. I was always able to turn it off and on by just “Hey Google, Turn on the Living Room TV”.

Over the last month it has gone from saying “Power controls is not supported yet” about one in ten times, to now every single time.

I am not sure if this is related to have a Chromecast on it or not. In the Living Room I tried making sure “TV” and “Television” is not in the name it is just “Living Room Cast” in case it was confused.

I do not have LG linked to Google in any way, and in the Google Home phone app it only shows Living Room TV as the Nabu Casa device.

I do use the Nabu Casa integration. So I would THINK that it’s just the same sort of device I have used for many months.

I have nothign in the Home Assistant log (proper, not sure if there’s a separate Nabu Casa log?).

Why can I not turn it off and on any longer?

Or more to the point – what can I do to debug it? Most things you can go after details, here it’s just “what does Google think” and I’m not good at guessing.

Is this a Nabu Casa thing? An HA thing?


So no one else is having this issue?