Google Assistant & RF Outlets are super hit or miss

Does anyone else have RF outlets connected to HA and have super flaky results when using Google Assistant?

I’m using the rpi_rf component with some Etekcity outlets.

It worked near 100% of the time when it was all routed through IFTTT but since converting to cloud (therefore skipping IFTTT) it rarely works on the first call.

Manually flips of the switch in the frontend all work as expected.


Kitchen has 2 z wave switches and 1 RF outlet.

“hey google, turn the kitchen lights off”

results in: GH saying: “turning off 3 lights” and both z wave lights turn off, RF does not.

Then I have to say “turn the cabinet lights off” and it will usually work then, but sometimes it takes a 3rd try.

Anyone else having any luck with RF switches + Google Assistant via cloud?