Google Assistant, scenes, "something went wrong ..."

It appears that the GAssistant Cloud expects a completion status response sooner than HAss can send it when scenes take longer times to run.

Using Google Assistant (on a Google Home Mini, in my case) to activate a HA Scene, the GAssistant complains "something went wrong with the " but the scene worked perfectly.

I setup some very small scenes - only a couple lamps. No complaint from GAssistant but the scene ran fine.
After adding about the 5th (Insteon) lamp to the test scene (which causes the scene to take longer to run) GAssistant again complains “something went wrong…” even though the scene runs fine.

Should this be submitted as a bug, or is there even a solution possible if the too-short timeout is on Google’s end and can’t be changed?

If you want a workaround, try calling a script with the script turn on service that sets the scene. The script finishes pretty much as soon as you call it. Note however if you use the script name directly as a service it waits for all the actions to complete. So do this:

  service: script.turn_on
  entity_id: script.set_scene

Not this:

  service: script.set_scene


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An excellent way to avoid this problem. Thanks!
That same workaround occurred to me, too. (and will likely turn out to be the best answer) However …

My hope has been that maybe there’s a way to fix the underlying problem, sort of the way the Nagle Algorithm fixes latency with telnet/ssh. But that is pretty far-fetched since a presumptive early return of “sucess” for something which might actually fail later could easily be seen as shoddy. And unlike Nagle, there’s no channel by which to reverse-out the presumed success later.
But what if the return to Google was instead defined to indicate “HA says the scene has been invoked successfully”? Then, any actual HA scene failures end up in its log, rather than as a report to Google. Could that be an only-slightly kludgy solution?

Ran into another snag.
I can expose the script to GAssistant (it sees scripts as scenes), but invoking it never succeeds, instead it claims that Nabu Casa isn’t available. But if I ask it to invoke any other scene, it works.