Google Assistant timeout

Hi, everyone,

I have a problem with my Home Assistant and Google Assistant. Sometimes I get the message from GA that my system is not available. The command a second before or after works fine.

Example: If I say “Turn the light off in the bathroom and on in the hallway”, then the light in the bathroom goes out. Then nothing happens for a while and then GA says he can’t reach my system.

In Google Cloud Platform I then get the following error message:

“Error querying agent backend. State: URL_TIMEOUT, reason: TIMEOUT_WEB”

The problem started sometime after an update of Home Assistant, but I can’t say which one.
Currently have the latest version.

I hope someone could solve the problem and help me here.

Many Thanks

Problem is fixed , there were issues on nabucasa servers


But i do not use nabu casa for my google assistant integration. It´s still happening