Google calendar displays moon phase in 12-hour format

I have Google calendar set to use 24-hour format, and all events display that way in the online calendar, including the moon phase times. I also have HA set to use 24-hour format. All events display that way, except the moon phase, which displays in 1`2-hour format. any way to change this? Thanks.

If you’re talking about Google’s Phases of the moon calendar, you cannot change it from HA. In order to get it into 24hr format you need to change the location country in your Google account settings.

But there’s nothing wrong with the Google phases calendar; it already shows the 24-hour format for lunar phases and all other events. It displays these correctly online, on my tablet and on my phone.

Moreover, if I could tell Google that I’m in another country (this is possible in the Play store but there doesn’t seem to be such a setting in Google account), then the time of the lunar phases would reflect another time zone and be wrong for me.

HA displays all other events in Calendar in 24-hour format. And all other times shown in HA, wherever shown, are in 24-hour format. Only the lunar phase is converted to 12-hour. It’s not a big deal, but it is pretty clearly a bug in HA’s calendar integration if it can’t be changed within HA.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.