Google calendar refresh UTC

I have an issue with google calendar event.

I have setup a calendar with all day events each two weeks. So an event looks like this:
start time dec 26th at 00:00
end time dec 27th at 00:00

How it’s supposed to work is when an event is finished, it refresh and get the next event.
My problem is that the next event is loaded dec 26th around 19h (scan interval is 15min), so my ongoing event isn’t finished yet.

I live in the UTC-5 timezone and realized that under Hass.IO > System the logs time are in UTC timezone. Taking this in consideration, 19h UTC-5 is exactly 24h in UTC.

Do you guys have any idea on how to fix this?

Thank you

Do you have your timezone set correctly in home assistant?

Thanks for the reply.
It is set to America/New_York
So UTC-5

Sorry to resurrect this, but did you actually solve this? I have the exact same issue, but here is UTC-3, so around 21h it changes.

Home assistant location is correct.