Google calendar stopped working

When I set this up following the instructions I was prompted for google authentication from within HA. All calendars worked perfectly for some weeks. Now it has stopped.

I suspect that google is wanting me to re-authenticate as it does that to me when using google email from time to time.

How can I get HA to prompt me to re-authenticate my link to google?


You’ll need to delete [configuration location]/.storage/google.token and restart.

Note if you have a google calendar custom component that broke recently so remove that if you have it


Thanks, that sorted it.
the file was actually [config location]/google.token not in .storage if anyone else is looking.


Recently I experienced the same issue.
Calendar stopped working because google was requesting re-authentication.
Pity is, that HA integration shows no any notification. Just freeze sensor’s recent values instead (which in my case cause more harm because automations don’t expect getting events from the past)
I found logs says “Updating google calendar took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:01:00”. But obviously this message doesn’t point to root cause.
And again: no single word in documentation.

How is it possible that author of the integration didn’t cover such obvious case; neither in code nor in documentation

Not sure what version you are running but i am on latest and it puts out a notification asking you to reboot ha and the reauthentication process then starts.

everything most recent.
Integration generates notification when run first time after adding integration or after removing google.token file. But it doesn’t inform in case google starts rejecting api calls.