Google Cast issues

I manage to get my home assistant casted on my Nest Hub gen2 with this

catt -d "Office Display" cast_site http://localIP:localport/lovelace/home

somehow it’s won’t work anymore, the commend seems to load forever without completed, nothing happening in the Nest hub.

– I also have a bash script that I found on YouTube

if ! catt -d "Office Display" status | grep 'PLAYING'; then 
    catt -d "Office Display" volume 0
    catt -d "Office Display" cast_site catt -d "Office Display" cast_site http://localIP:localport/lovelace/home

I don’t know if you know this, but you can cast pages directly from HA.

thank you, I tried it before but that wouldn’t work because its required a external URL

I do have an external URL + SSL but it’s required CloudFlare authentication + HA authentication, the only way I can use cast is using a local IP

I am also trying to get my Nest Hub to display the family google Calendar for a while. Shouldn’t be impossible, right? Lol

But I can’t find any solution since the blueprint went down.

Anyone have any tips?