Google Casting to Stereo Pair?

Hi all,

Group casting seems to work for individual speakers, however, if I cast to a Stereo Pair, it does not work - is this a known limitation of the casting service?

Google Home Groups? If so, can you cast to the group using a casting app?

I rebooted my Google Home Stereo Pair and it seems to now handle casting correctly from Home Assistant.

I have similar problems but they are not resolveer by rebooting.

I have 2 Google nest speakers pair as a stereo pair. In HA I see the individual speakers as a Nest audio device and I see the stereo speaker as a Google cast device. I had also created a Google Cast group for the study and the kitchen so they are in sync.

If I cast to the study stereo speaker everything is ok, The media player in HA shows what is playing and I can control the media player.

If I cast to the study/kitchen group, the kitchen speaker does everything fine, But the study speaker shows that there is nothing playing and I am not able to control the study media player.

So it seems that a speaker group (stereo pair) within a speaker group is not working ok.

Does anyone know how to resolveer this?

Gr. Remco

Same problem with stereo pair and groups.

One group (overall) with 3x nest mini single and 1x home as stereo is not showing correct.