Google Display and Casting issues

Up until 2024.3.1 I was able to cast a dashboard onto a Google mini display and you would be able to use it in real time. With 2024 onward there were issues with displaying via cast and with those rectified I have found the following issues that seem to have started back in 2024.2 at some stage (I believe)

  1. The casting seems to refresh at some stages. Its as if it loses connection then re establishes. at various times. If I have previously cast cameras to my google tv or another dashboard it may drop me out of a show later on to display the dashboard again randomly.
  2. Casting the dashboard to the google nest hub allows the dashboard to be seen however it takes 30 seconds or longer for buttons to respond and update.

I have rewritten the automations using it several times. Originally I used just samples with media player calls but then re-wrote it to use the google cast specific calls for dashboards neither improved performance. I have tried them after a restart just to see if that helped and it does not. I have removed any camera based cards etc to see if that helped and it doesn’t. Any thoughts or ideas? or has anyone else experienced this?