Google home and mqtt/zigbee devices

Hi everyone,
I have a raspberry pi 4 with a cc2531 dongle, I have installed zigbee2mqtt and MQTT broker on the pi.
I have connected 2 sensors from Xiaomi, a temperature sensor and a door sensor.
I have connected my home assistant with google home creating an app on the google console etc…

all of my sensors show up in home assistant with the right device_class even thought when I update my google home app they show up just as sensors.
when I ask for the temperature assistant get back to me saying is not able to communicate to the thermometer at the moment.
someone knows how can I solve the problem?

I’don’t know how the next day google was able to answer eaven if I removed and reconnected google home with assistant

  project_id: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  service_account: !include HomeAssist-xxxxxxxxxxx.json
  report_state: true
     name: tv cucina
     room: cucina
     expose: true
     expose: false
     expose: false
     expose: true
     name: termometro