Google home connection

I am not sure if I am thinking the problem through correctly, or if it is possible.
What I am looking for is when you trigger Google Home “Hey Google, dinner is ready”. That would then trigger Home Assistant to flash the lights and announce that dinner is ready. I have seen that you can add custom themes, scripts, etc to Google Home from HA.

Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.

In the Google Home app you can define a routine that can do whatever you want. So, for example, assuming you have HA integrated with GH you can create a template switch called “Dinner ready”, and expose that to GH. The the “Dinner is ready” routine can have an action to “turn on dinner ready”. The turn_on code in the template can make the HA changes.

The only down-side I’ve found to routines is you have to speak them word-for-word, whereas switches/lights etc you can phrase differently and GH works it out.

When I’ve done this I’ve always used an input_select with different states so I can make the one approach more generic without having to create lots of entities. So in your case, I might create an input_select called “Announcement” with values “None” and “Dinner ready”. The action then becomes “set announcement mode to dinner ready”. And later you can add “Dinner has gone cold” because your kids are always on their phones.

I too have several Routines for this kind of thing.

  • In HA i created some scripts & scenes & exposed them via HA Cloud.
  • In Google Home app when creating the Routine, i added multiple Google Assistant voice command Starters with different variations on how we might think to speak the command.
  • For the Google Home Routine Action choose the ‘Adjust scenes’ option & find your exposed HA scripts & scenes.
    Works great in my experience.
    All the logic is in HA & in most of my examples i’m only using GA to trigger 1 thing in HA.

You can create different variations of the phrase in the same routine

Pretty much echo the above comments and confirm that in the GH routine I always use several similar phrases for the same routine just to combat the usual google misunderstandings.

Also good to note that if there are several people in your GH and you have voice match turned on then the routine will be unique to you and other home members will need to also make their own routine for the same action if so required.

That was news to me. Perhaps that is why everyone else struggles.

Thank you to everyone for the advice. I now have a starting idea of what I need to do.