Google home group becoming unavailable in HA

Dear, I need to help, after updating to 0.77.3 … I have noticed that my group (02 (two) google home). It has become “unavailable”. I reboot the HA back to normal, after a few hours the group is again unavailable … Being necessary to restart again.

this is an ongoing issue that doesnt seem to be getting any attention. there have been many threads on it. Its not just the latest version of HA causing it

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Very sad to hear this … I really need this function!!!

me too. I use Google Home groups all the time, rarely do I cast to a single device

I’m here for the same reason just started for me since updating to 0.78
They all state unavailable around 4.20 this morning

Looks like the issue is being addressed

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it got worse with 0.78, so if you haven’t upgraded yet, and you use google cast platform a lot, it’s worth holding off on the upgrade.

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Old thread but I am having similar issues. Did anyone here have a solution or through the upgrades did it solve itself?

it was fixed via HA updates a long time ago for me. What version of HA are you running?