Google Home integration stopped working

After changing my router my google home integration has stopped working. When opening the google home app and selecting “[test] homeassistant” and “Reconnect account” I get redirected to my external “” and get to enter username/password. But when I select “next” I just get redirected back to the google home app and get the error message: “Could not reach [test] homeassistant, please try again”

Does anyone have any advice of what to do to get it working again ?

Ah!, I am stupid. I forgot that I created a new cloudflare firewall-rule that was block all countries != ‘Sweden’ :slight_smile:


I encountered the exact same issue.
I managed to connect to the Action after temporarily accepting connections from anywhere (any country) on my port, and I confirm that the exposed HA script is also working after doing that.
However, I don’t want to do that :slight_smile:
If I re-enable the security after that, then google says that it cannot trigger my action because it is unreachable.

Is there a way to authorize only a specific IP range and/or a specific country to allow ONLY google to come through ?
I did not see this in the documentation but I hope there is a way !! In the meantime, feature is blocked on my side, I don’t want to accept any connections from anywhere just for this

Thanks & Regards