Google Home new device types


Google has released some new devices supported by the Google Home app. The most noteworthy of these in my opinion is sensors. It would be great to have them integrated with the HA add-on!


Agree, it would be really helpful to expose entities to Google Home as a specific type

I did notice that Google Home now ‘translates’ Home Assistant switches with light or lamp in the name to a light, not sure whether it applies to anything else (I tried putting a few types in the name but it looks like it only applies to switches with light or lamp in the name) or how long it’s done that for

Sensors are already supported:

Yes but no. Right now the “sensor” is a thermostat without any controls. This is clear whe you ask Google for the temperature as it’ll answer “it’s 23 degrees and the thermostat is turned off”

This integration would allow for actual sensors