Google Home on seperate VLAN Unavailable

Hi All,
I have home assistant (HA) server located in the LAN and Google home (GH) in the IoT VLAN. I’m trying to send mp3 from HA>GH to use GH as a doorbell chime. in pfsense i cerated a firewall rule in the IoT VLAN to Pass IoT TCP Source IP Google home to the destination IP home assistant on port 8123 but its not working, no sound comes up from the GH and GH show unavailable, if both on the LAN it works fine. any idea how i get both to talk over VLAN so the GH will show up?

Thank you in advance

I found the solution, on pfsense i enabled Avahi (mDNS) and they can see each other over subnets. as well i can now use Google home as a chime for my UniFi G4 Doorbell using the Google cast & unifi protect addon, hope it help others.