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I picked up some Google Home minis this week. Just trying to setup them up with Home Assistant and having a hard time. I’m following the docs here:
But where do I get the API from google?

Hello there,

The component didn’t work for me right now (must be some issues on my side) but i think you can have the api key following the last steps on the page:

If you want to use the google_assistant.request_sync service in Home Assistant, then enable Homegraph API for your project:
Go to
Select your project and click Enable Homegraph API
Go to Credentials and select API Key from Create Credentials
Note down the generated API Key and use this in the configuration
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You mean the API key?

Having created your project, you’ll find them on the cloud console ( - mentioned in step 9

Ah yes I got it working. Thanks @Tinkerer
Now I would like to add my doors to the configuration. I put cover in but they do not show up in the google home app to add. Do i need to unlink and then link again to add them?

You need to call the resync service - go to the services menu and trigger a refresh.

Thanks @DavidFW1960 that was easy.
Do you know if you can add locks too? I added lock into the configuration and did a resync but they did not show up in google home.

Looks like there is not anymore the “API Key” option after clicking on “Create Credentials”.
Now there is a “Find out what kind of credentials you need” page and I can’t find how to generate the API key…
Do you have the same result than me?


ouch, last post from Nov 18 and question still open. I have the same issue. Where do I get my API key from? Would love to use my google home devices

You must follow this instructions from point 2.

2. If you want to support actively reporting of state to Google’s server (configuration...