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I picked up some Google Home minis this week. Just trying to setup them up with Home Assistant and having a hard time. I’m following the docs here:
But where do I get the API from google?

Hello there,

The component didn’t work for me right now (must be some issues on my side) but i think you can have the api key following the last steps on the page:

If you want to use the google_assistant.request_sync service in Home Assistant, then enable Homegraph API for your project:
Go to
Select your project and click Enable Homegraph API
Go to Credentials and select API Key from Create Credentials
Note down the generated API Key and use this in the configuration
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You mean the API key?

Having created your project, you’ll find them on the cloud console ( - mentioned in step 9

Ah yes I got it working. Thanks @Tinkerer
Now I would like to add my doors to the configuration. I put cover in but they do not show up in the google home app to add. Do i need to unlink and then link again to add them?

You need to call the resync service - go to the services menu and trigger a refresh.

Thanks @DavidFW1960 that was easy.
Do you know if you can add locks too? I added lock into the configuration and did a resync but they did not show up in google home.

Looks like there is not anymore the “API Key” option after clicking on “Create Credentials”.
Now there is a “Find out what kind of credentials you need” page and I can’t find how to generate the API key…
Do you have the same result than me?


ouch, last post from Nov 18 and question still open. I have the same issue. Where do I get my API key from? Would love to use my google home devices