Google Maps location sharing - New thread


I think the issue right now is getting the cookie for authentication. I was not able to get it set up in yesterday. I also was not able download the cookie from another machine, but that may be my issue, no one else on the Github issue thread has mentioned the error that I was running into so that may still be a valid workaround.

People that have it working now may not notice an issue until their cookie expires.


Not working for me… From some googling seems its a combination of captcha and different country logins.


Not working for me too!


working fine for me… have you restarted your home assistant? After “a while” you should see a cookie file appear in the config folder.


Upcoming PR
Update locationsharinglib to 3.0.9

Fixes issue with  `device_tracker.google_maps` , where the used library stopped providing location data for the owner of the account that was used to query Google's location sharing API.

This is the continuation of [#18612]( that seemed to have fixed the problem but did have a shortcoming... Now it is really, really working 😊

Hopefully this will solve the issues for me and many others having problems with this component.
Love the last sentence “Now it is really, really working :blush:


It is not available for version 3.0.9, because I use HASSIO and I’m waiting for a new version, but today, the content of my cookie file stays like this.

`'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0x80 in position 0: invalid start byte


Thank you guys very much for shared information.
Yeah my cookies file is look like above too. I’m trying to fix it.


I got mine working with the workaround. I think the cookies file will always look like that unless you use a text editor that is able to read the funky encoding. Mine looks like that with the Add-on, “HASS Configurator” but has text with keys if i look with nano.


Hi Jeph
Can you tell me what your " working with the workaround " is ? Sorry for my bad english


I found the workaround from @sagilo 's issue on github

From @sherbang 's post with the workaround.
git clone
cd locationsharinglib/
mkvirtualenv -p which python3 locationsharinglib
pip install -r requirements.txt
python --email ‘’ --password ‘’ --cookies-file .google_maps_location_sharing.cookies


After upgrading to 0.84.1 now Google Maps tracking finally work, i had to delete the old cookie file.
Hopefully the latest changes fixed the problem.


Still not working for me :disappointed_relieved: I tried to delete the cookie bot no change…What could be wrong?